Owls Head Forest consists of three timberland tracts totaling approximately 3,500± acres configured proximate to one another and located between Bellmont Center and Owls Head, New York. The property offers a full range of timber, recreation, and conservation values positioned on the rural residential outskirts of Malone. The Bellmont North Tract consists of 2,316± acres, accessible from the south side of French Settlement Road (via Bellmont Center, New York). The Peter Pond Tract consists of 624± acres, accessible from a gated right-of-way along the east side of the Brown Benoit Road. The Ingraham Stream Tract consists of 548± acres with access from the north side of Drain Pond Road (via Owls Head, New York). The forest offers a mixture of pole to small sawtimber-size northern hardwood (maple, birch, cherry, etc.) and softwoods (predominantly spruce). Several areas offer mature hardwood overstory with well-stocked sugar maple regeneration in the understory. Peter Pond has seen some recent harvest activity. The properties are partially enrolled in New York’s 480(a) tax program. Several prominent streams cross the ownership including Trout River, Wentworth Brook, and Ingraham Stream. The property is situated amongst the low rolling hills of the Owls Head Range and largely surrounded by private and public conserved forest lands. Malone and Titus Mountain Ski Area are a short 10-20-minute drive northwest of the property. 

Property Details